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As an ISO 27001:2017 Information Security certified IT partner, you can rely on Radius. Our security team will provide vendor-independent and client-specific audits against all known cyber threats. These include endpoint protection for both office and mobile users, local access network (LAN) user rights and access levels. We can also carry out IT security training workshops for your employees.

Our security team are certified ethical hackers and will carry out both planned and unplanned penetration tests reporting to company senior management, to test your IT infrastructure for any vulnerabilities.

From proactive monitoring of your networks and stolen credentials on the Dark Web to when Cybersecurity risks and breaks are recognised or reported,  our security team will carry out a structured lockdown procedure of the company infrastructure, ensuring your data and IT infrastructure are secured.

Radius IT and Data Security - Network security hardening

Network security hardening

Don’t let a poorly secured network jeopardise your sensitive data and systems. Our engineers will conduct a rigorous overview of your IT and network infrastructure. Having identified any weak points, they will use a class leading mix of hardware and virtual technology to properly secure your organisation against malicious traffic.

Radius IT and Data Security - Sandbox implementation

Sandbox implementation

To ensure all data and IT infrastructure is properly secured, we can set up sandboxes as a security mechanism to separate your applications/programs to unverified or untrusted third parties, suppliers, users or websites and devices. A sandbox allows you to grant access to a quarantined clone of your systems. Should any issues arise, they are simple to address while your main systems remain totally unaffected.  IT Sandbox implementation ensures you aren’t risking any harm to your critical software, operating system or IT infrastructure.

Radius IT and Data Security - Cybersecurity training workshops

Cybersecurity training workshops

It is essential in company with an IT infrastructure that all staff are trained in understanding cybersecurity risks and how to prevent them. In 2018, Kaspersky Labs reported a doubling of phishing attacks, reaching almost 500 million incidents.  Such attacks can lead to ransomware, virus and malware infections resulting in loss of reputation, productivity and even data breaches. Our expert trainers will teach your staff how to identify and avoid such risks.

Radius GDPR Compliance Audit -Actionable report

Security Audit and Compliance Assessments

We determine whether your business IT environment is meeting the requirements of security standards as per ISO 27001 criteria. This may include a gap analysis, risk assessment, various IT tests, cybersecurity audits etc. These are all fundamentally important activities for continual security improvement and assurance.

Radius IT Hardware - Routers and Firewalls

Penetrating Testing – Internal and External

We conduct penetration testing at planned and random intervals to simulate cyber attacks against your computer system. We check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing can involve the attempted breaching of any number of application systems, (e.g., application protocol interfaces (APIs), frontend/backend servers) to uncover vulnerabilities. Insights provided by the penetration testing can be used to fine-tune your security policies and patch detected vulnerabilities.

Radius IT Hardware - Network Storage

Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning and Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity starts with protecting resources, systems, and data across your entire IT environment. It’s imperative to implement a robust business DR and business continuity solution that will keep your IT environment safe and secure.

Get in Touch - IT and Data Security

Our Other Services

IT Security Audit

Taking a holistic view, our IT Security experts will review your entire IT infrastructure and identify any back doors, weak points or process risks using cutting edge technologies.

Backup for Microsoft365 and SaaS Applications
Defend against data loss across Microsoft365, including Team Drives, Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint Are you aware that once you delete data or emails in Outlook, you only have 30
Email Filtration

Fully protect your network from malicious and spam emails. Radius provides industry leading blockmail & blended threats email protection solutions.

GDPR Compliance Audit

With GDPR regulations now in effect, it’s critical that the personal data held by your organisation is handled with compliance. Don’t leave it to chance and risk crippling fines. Contact Radius today.

Network Security Hardening

Our network engineers address any and all weak points in your IT infrastructure. This can include hardware and software updates, migration to secure, encrypted cloud servers and VPN configuration, allowing secure remote work for you and your organisation.

Dark Web Monitoring
Are your company’s credentials for sale on the Dark Web? Digital credentials, such as usernames and passwords, connect you and your employees to critical business applications, as well as online

Certified Excellence

Radius maintain both ISO quality and Information Security certification. With GDPR regulations now in force, it’s critical that your IT partner handles your organisation’s sensitive data with the highest of standards.

ISO Quality and Information Security certification requires rigorous processes to be embedded at the heart of everything we do. Radius is proud to maintain this standard, awarded to only the very top tier of IT service providers.

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Industry leading partnerships

Radius is a gold Microsoft partner for Datacenter and Cloud Solutions, a preferred HP and Cisco partner and a Retail Excellence Ireland gold partner. These partnerships give us unrivalled access to the best technology to support our clients’ IT and Telecoms needs.