Hosting – Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement

This is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering the guaranteed performance of Radius’s network infrastructure. The SLA is between Radius Technologies (Radius) having their registered address at Unit 1A Esker Business Park, Six Cross Roads, Waterford City X91 XD61 , Ireland and the client purchasing our services (The Client).

This SLA is complimented by a separate Domain Registration Terms and Policy, Hosting Terms and Policy, Acceptable Usage Policy and Privacy Policy. The Client agrees that by using Radius Hosting services you have read and acknowledged these four documents available on the website at  It is not Radius’s duty to inform The Client of updates to these documents; hence The Client is responsible for checking amendments.

Radius reserves the right to update this SLA and any other Terms or Policy at any time. These updates will be at Radius’s discretion and it is agreed that updates are not grounds for cancellation of The Client’s contract. This agreement supersedes any previous agreement between Radius and The Client.

Customer Technical Support

Radius will provide technical support and assistance by telephone, email or facsimile to resolve day-to-day technical difficulties or queries of The Client. The telephone support services shall be available from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. Emergency support is provided 24/7 365 days per year by email. If The Client requests support in an emergency, Radius shall use reasonable effort to render support as quickly as possible and shall endeavour to respond to issues raised by The Client within a four hour period from initial notification.

Network Usage

Due to the nature of the Internet Radius cannot guarantee the integrity, accuracy, security or consistency of the stored information on our servers or for data being delivered to or from our servers. The Client agrees to keep a master backup of all stored information. The Client shall not hold Radius liable for any loss of or corruption of data.

The Client agrees to use the Radius network for lawful purposes only in keeping with the terms and conditions of hosting. The Client holds responsibility for anyone accessing the network using their account. It is essential that Radius be informed of any breach of The Client Account; to that effect the username and password(s) should be stored securely to ensure no unauthorised person can gain access to them. The Client will only use the resources allocated to their account and they will not infringe on the rights of third parties by using resources excessively.

Radius will not be held responsible for The Client’s access to third-party sites via the Radius website nor for any data that may be transferred to such sites. It is the responsibility of The Client to ensure that any data supplied to third party sites is collected, processed and retained in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988/2003 and its amendments and/or additions. The Client also agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the said third party sites.

Radius will use best possible endeavours to protect its servers and network from unauthorised access, according to best industry standards. This may include blocking or re-routing access to Radius servers for security.


Where The Client is a reseller of Radius’s services The Client is responsible for ensuring that The Client’s customers are aware of Radius’s latest terms and policy. All responsibility for Radius’s resold services lies solely with The Client.

Network Hardware

The network and servers are protected by industry-best security. Radius’s Data Centre that includes our co-located servers are protected by CCTV, secure card areas, air conditioning, smoke detection and fire suppression systems. Monitoring of the site is on a 24/7, 365 days per year basis.

The network connected via multiple upstream IP providers, lies behind state-of-the-art firewalls and includes redundant hardware and power supplies, including UPS to facilitate always available access for all customers.

Network Uptime Guarantee

Radius is proud to offer a 99.99% network uptime guarantee. While unlikely, it is possible that Radius may experience some downtime lasting no more than a few minutes.

This uptime guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance, server hardware failures which may take longer to repair and network infrastructure problems that are beyond Radius’s control.

Cloud Platform and Hosted Services Uptime Guarantee

Radius is proud to offer a 99.9% service uptime guarantee.

This uptime guarantee includes all Cloud platforms but excludes network infrastructure problems that are beyond Radius’s control.

This uptime guarantee also includes DNS services, SMTP mail services, HTTP web services, POP3 mail services and VPS platform but excludes scheduled maintenance, server hardware failures which may take longer to repair and network infrastructure problems that are beyond Radius’s control.

Limitation of Liability

The Client agrees that Radius’s total liability does not extend to any more than the amount the Client has paid for the relevant services. Notwithstanding the above, HI accepts no liability for any financial loss or damages, however caused, whether consequential or otherwise.

Certified Excellence

Radius maintain both ISO quality and Information Security certification. With GDPR regulations now in force, it’s critical that your IT partner handles your organisation’s sensitive data with the highest of standards.

ISO Quality and Information Security certification requires rigorous processes to be embedded at the heart of everything we do. Radius is proud to maintain this standard, awarded to only the very top tier of IT service providers.

Industry leading partnerships

Radius is a gold Microsoft partner for Datacenter and Cloud Solutions, a preferred HP and Cisco partner and a Retail Excellence Ireland gold partner. These partnerships give us unrivalled access to the best technology to support our clients’ IT and Telecoms needs.

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