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5 Great Reasons to Work in Irish IT Sector

If you’re contemplating a career in the tech industry, Ireland presents a promising opportunity, thanks to the substantial growth experienced in the Irish IT sector.

With several major global technology companies choosing to establish operations in the country, Ireland has emerged as the leading tech capital of the world. Additionally, the country is home to several innovative Irish tech firms such as Radius!

At Radius Technologies, we aim to facilitate your professional growth in the IT industry by providing you with a pathway to your ideal career.

To encourage you further, we’ve highlighted a number of convincing reasons to consider pursuing a career in the Irish IT sector in this article:

High salaries and strong job growth

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The Irish tech industry has seen consistent job growth in recent years, with over 100,000 people currently employed in the sector. This growth is expected to continue, with many companies actively seeking skilled workers to fill open positions. Additionally, salaries in the Irish IT sector tend to be quite high, with many companies offering generous compensation packages to attract top talent.

Although gross pay has increased across all sectors in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic levels, tech salaries have witnessed an impressive growth of 28%. The high-paying nature of tech jobs has allowed tech workers to better afford the high rents and house prices prevalent in Ireland, despite the recent crises in housing, energy, and the cost of living. To view more details about IT salaries in Ireland, click here.

Endless development opportunities

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The IT industry is continually evolving, and as such, it offers an abundance of growth opportunities for professionals. One of the significant advantages of a career in IT is the potential for ongoing training and upskilling. Thus, individuals seeking a career in IT can expect to receive ample opportunities to enhance their skills, whether through employer-funded training programs, online courses, or formal education.

Besides, the tech industry is multi-faceted, with numerous specialisations to choose from, such as cybersecurity, software development, data analytics, and cloud computing. This diversity means that professionals can diversify their skills, move into new areas, and pursue varied career paths.

Meaningful work

The impact of technology extends to almost all other industries and verticals, making a career in tech an opportunity to contribute to building the internet and shaping the future in various ways. For those who are curious, creative, and passionate about learning, a tech career offers endless possibilities.

One of the unique aspects of the tech industry is the diverse range of opportunities available, allowing individuals to flex their creativity and logic, work independently or collaboratively, and be part of small but mighty start-ups or established big-time companies. The options are numerous and varied, making a tech career an exciting and fulfilling prospect – Take a look at some of our hot jobs in the Irish IT sector here.

High demand

Tech talent is in high demand and expected to keep growing exponentially, as most sectors rely on technology to function. Despite constant change and disruption, the industry has experienced increasing growth and innovation in Ireland. Given the pace of digitalisation across all sectors, technology will remain central to growth in 2023 and beyond.

Leo Varadkar, the former Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment, expressed confidence in the Irish tech sector in November 2022. Despite the impact of budget cuts, he reiterated that there remains a high demand for tech skills across all sectors.

Diverse Workload

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Working in the Irish IT sector provides you with an opportunity to apply your skills in a variety of settings and multiple industries. In 2023, the Irish IT sector is expected to generate approximately €35 billion in revenue, representing a 10% increase from the previous year.

This growth is being driven by a diverse range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. For example, the financial services industry in Ireland is investing heavily in technology, with a predicted spend of €1.5 billion on IT in 2023, presenting numerous opportunities for skilled IT professionals to apply their expertise and make a meaningful impact in a variety of industries

Overall, there are many great reasons why working in the Irish IT sector could be an excellent choice for your career. From strong job growth and high salaries to access to top global companies and a supportive government, Ireland has a lot to offer tech professionals.

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