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Why Managed IT Services Is Better Than Ad-hoc IT Support

Choosing between the two types of IT support depends on what’s most important to you and your business. We explore six reasons why a Managed IT Services Contract is better than ad-hoc IT support, so you can make the right decision for your business.

Every business, whether small or big, needs effective IT services and systems to deliver increase productivity and quality customer service. Strong and reliable IT support services can empower businesses to stay competitive. As the majority of SME businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to effectively manage IT in-house, a third-party managed service provider is a must.

Here’s why a managed service contract is beneficial:

1. Rising Complexity of IT

According to KPMG Ireland, 81% of CEOs saw the rate of digital transformation in their businesses accelerate during Covid-19. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that IT is the backbone for any business and without it, businesses simply could not function Whether it was Cloud, VPNs, and remote desktop connections, the majority of people relied on technology like this to work from homeThis acceleration has added to the already rising complexity of IT. Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented complexity of technology within businesses. The simple office network has evolved into a mix of cloud, multi-Cloud, and on-premise. Last year, Flexera reported that 84% of all enterprises are now multi-cloud. Multi-cloud is a cloud approach made up of more than 1 cloud service, from more than 1 cloud vendor—public or private. Add to that the other parts of the IT environment including routers, VPNs, databases, business-critical apps (e.g. Accounting and CRMs, ERPs) security, and workstations. From a standalone break-fix point of view, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage IT systems no matter the size of the business.

2. Finding a Balance

We provide IT support to our clients who have a managed contract (i.e. an annual Service Level Agreement). That way we have extensive knowledge of their IT systems, processes, people, and the business.  If we did offer ad-hoc support to non-clients, then we would find ourselves finding a balance with clients and non-clients. The managed service approach allows us to service our clients as a priority and to focus 100% on their needs. They get peace of mind that we have their backs if anything goes wrong and we can get them back up and running quickly.  As a result, they can concentrate on other areas of their business.

3. Long-Term Partnership

This may seem self-explanatory, but a long-term managed IT service contract can set you up for the future. Business owners who are hesitant about acquiring an IT partner might consider dipping their toes in with a provider who offers a short-term contract or no contract at all. However, do you really want a partnership with a provider that has a continuously changing their list of clients?

All our IT managed clients can avail of our Strategic IT Roadmap. The roadmap is a collaborative process that sets out objectives for both the business and the supporting IT environment – for the present and into the future. The goal of the roadmap is to assess our client’s current IT needs, reduce unnecessary operating expenses, and avoid potential problems in the future. The roadmap also draws upon the years of IT experience that our Sales Account team possess. They advise what types of products and services a business should implement to support the long-term business goals.

4. Expertise in Numbers

If a business is using a “one-man-band” for all things IT, chances are this person does not have expertise in all areas. They may be good at troubleshooting Office 365, but what happens when your router stops functioning? Radius, on the other hand, have skilled IT engineers dedicated to different parts of IT. This means we are better equipped all around.

5. Managed IT Services Contract Includes (typically)

  • IT Support via our Helpdesk (remote and onsite)
  • Network and Infrastructure as a service
  • Remote and onsite engineering services
  • IT Security
  • Managed Backups for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Hardware procurement and Software management (including M365 and domain hosting)
  • Strategic Roadmap

6. Reasons to Choose an IT Managed Services Contract

  1. Scaling your business for growth
  2. Rising and unpredictable costs of ad-hoc IT work
  3. Improve efficiencies with your IT systems
  4. Fast response to IT issues
  5. Looking for flexibility in your systems – e.g. moving between the office and working from home

It really comes down to budget and what’s important to you and your business. If you add up your ad-hoc IT support costs over a 12 month period and compare them to a relatively low monthly fixed cost and the benefits you receive with that – we think you will realise the added-value pretty quick.


“We don’t provide ad-hoc IT support. Our ethos is based on gaining a deeper understanding of a client’s tech and mapping that to their business needs. That’s why selecting your IT partner is now a strategic decision for any business”.

John Gleeson, Group Sales Director – Radius

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