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Tom Murphy Car Sales Revolutionise Their Communications

Tom Murphy Car Sales have recently revolutionised the way they communicate with both employees and customers. Having the latest that technology has to offer in the telecoms market, Tom Murphy has taken full advantage of all its benefits. From flexibility to scalability, and added functions customised to meet specific requirements, VoIP was a one stop shop for the increasing demand of the business. Traditional phone systems can limit staff’s mobility due to restrictive functionality. However, SIP technology offers freedom to the sales reps by converting their smart phone as an extension on the business phone system. SIP technology comes with many benefits such as ease of use, reliability, efficiency and ease of scalability (add a new line in 5 minutes) as well as negating the need for expensive decked phones.


The major stockists of Mercedes-Benz & Volkswagen have recently celebrated 35 years in business. Award-winning Unified Communications company, Radius Technologies  was approached by Tom Murphy’s to solve their reoccurring telecoms issues with their then existing provider. Slow broadband connections, calls dropping off and slow data connections, which impacted greatly on their ability to excel in customer service, were just some of the issue experienced. Radius Technologies were able to deliver a VoIP telephone system with a dedicated broadband connection for voice only, negating their previous slow connections. The installation was fast and in no way interfered with the overall day to day running of the business. Since the installation, there have been no communication issues and the flexibility provided to the staff has improved the way they can do business.


Richard Murphy Dealer Principal of Tom Murphy Car Sales

When it was time to upgrade our phone system, we wanted a state of the art solution that would add real value to our business. With the option of the Outsourced model, it offered the business everything we required from our phone system. This option allowed us to have a brand new phone system installed, without having the capital upfront. A fixed monthly bill and our telecoms managed by a team of professionals, is exactly what we were looking for. Radius Technologies were professional and efficient from start to finish and I would highly recommend them to any business.”

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