In order to fully protect your network from both incoming emails and clickable links, Radius provide the following solutions.

Blockmail & Blended Threats

Radius Technologies IT supportHeres how they work for you:
  1. BlockMail receives the email for scanning and decides that a URL in the message body needs to be analysed. It rewrites the URL, prepending it with a unique customer reference and a link to the Blended Threats Module.
  2. When a user clicks on the link, the request is directed through the Blended Threats Module for analysis.
  3. The Blended Threats Module analyses Web content associated with the link, subjecting it to numerous checks for behaviour and intent.
  4. If the webpage is free from malicious code, it is served to the user. If not, then the user receives a block page indicating that he or she has been protected from a targeted attack.


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