Radius’ Comms Consolidation service helps to ensure that vital equipment and processes continue to function at peak efficiency.

Comms Cabinet Cleanup

Structured CablingNetwork cabinets often become neglected, with clutter from obsolete cables, power blocks and components making it difficult to add or maintain network devices. The Radius Team will identify and remove unused cables, switches, power blocks and implement cable management/labelling systems while deploying best practice in colour coding / cable terminations and patching. This will allow for faster, easier and more efficient support and troubleshooting, providing the foundations on which to build a solid, stable, technology infrastructure – which is fast, stable and future proofed.

Server consolidation

Radius are experts in server consolidation. Modern, high-powered servers are capable of running several ‘virtual servers’ on a single machine, eliminating the need to support and maintain several hardware pieces. As well as performance gains, reducing the number of powered-up servers will reduce energy bills and management/maintenance overhead. When it comes to upgrade time, the capital and labour cost will be significantly reduced as well as the down-time involved in software migration.

“the action or process of combining a number of things into a single more effective or coherent whole”

Cable Management

The Radius Cable Management Team carry out all our structured cabling work, allowing us control what’s deployed, how cables are indexed and tested and ensuring best practice is adhered to at all times. Our cabling team are also certified in Wi-fi surveys, at fluke testing cables, certified to work at heights and are all safe pass certified.

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