Radius Technology – Business in Focus –  By Claire Quinn, Waterford News and star, October 2011

Waterford News and StarRADIUS Technologies is one of the South East’s leading providers of IT networking solutions, IT helpdesk services and VoIP (voice calls over the Internet) Telephone systems. Established in 1996, by Jerry Buckley, Radius Technologies currently employs 14 full time staff and has offices in Waterford and Carlow.

Clients range from small and medium size companies, schools and VEC’s to large multi nationals and semi state bodies. Types of companies vary from Pharmacies, solicitors, Accountants, hotels and car garages to doctors, engineering companies and shopping centres.·

Jerry, the company’s Managing Director (MD), began his Waterford career as a Computer Aided Design consultant with a WIT campus company. In 1996 he spotted a gap in the market in the southeast for an IT services company, specialising in supporting Small and medium sized businesses. “I saw an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses looking for IT advice, on how to become more efficient, more productive and how to become more cost effective,” he said.

Mr. Buckley said what Radius does is straight forward, they become the company’s technology advisors or IT helpdesk and equipment suppliers, he said, “we advise them on the industry best practise, what they need to be aware of and in essence become their IT department. We explain technology to our clients and explain how they can use it, how it will affect their businesses and how they can use it to their advantage, assisting them in making clear educated decisions.”

Over the past numbers of years as technology has evolved, the company has introduced other products and services to its growing client base, some of which include online backups, cloud hosting  services and VoIP telephone systems. According to Jerry with the convergence of voice and data (Telephones and Computers), unified communications has become cost effective for even the smallest of companies.

“A client recently asked us to look at their telephone bill and asked us to suggest how they might reduce the costs, the bill was averaging at € 900 per month and the client was reluctant to move from their existing voice carrier.

After assessing the telephone bills, Jerry selected a range of carriers and then configured the telephone system to preform least cost routing on all outgoing calls, allowing the system automatically select the most cost effective call carrier, while leaving the incoming calls with the existing carrier.

“Our clients bill went from € 900 to a fixed monthly bill of € 250 resulting in a € 7,800 per annum saving.  One of the other main benefits of the new IP Telephone system was that it integrated with the clients existing accounts and CRM software, allowing our client access account history’s, and customer details automatically on answering a telephone call. The return on investment on the telephone system was six months,” Jerry said.

Mr. Buckley said at Radius Technologies the first thing they do is ask the customer to tell them about their business, he added, it is never a case of one size fits all.

“By understanding how our clients work, and their priorities, allows us help them select the correct technology and use it more efficiently.  It’s always better to have all the facts before committing already stretched budgets, all IT investments needs to be cost justified,” he explained.

The main challenge facing companies like Radius Technologies is keeping up to date with changing technologies in the various industries, “gone are the days of a one or two man company having all the answers. At Radius our sales staff specialise in the various sectors, educational, professional services, manufacturing and retail we also have specialist engineers in WEB and cloud technologies, Telephones systems, network infrastructure and security products, this allows our sales staff call in a technical expert when needed.”

As technologies evolve, companies are looking more at outsourcing their IT requirements, relying on experts to help them make the right decisions.

“Whether to go into “the Cloud” instead of having a server in house, disaster recovery planning, the correct backup strategies or even what is the best printer to buy,” he said.

Once the solution is specified, installed and operational, Radius Technologies then provides the full range of support and helpdesk services. Radius has a dedicated team of helpdesk engineers and operates a fully open helpdesk system where clients can log and review calls via their on-line call management systems.

“This system provides 100% transparency and traceability for the customer, providing the support framework for clients to log and track calls, talk to helpdesk staff and feel confident in our helpdesk systems,” he said.

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