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Email and IM Forensic Compliant Archiving


Radius BlockMail Email Archiving addresses the problems faced by the majority of organisations, to effectively police the storage, retention, management and use of email to satisfy both business and regularity needs. E-Discovery requests requires the use of appropriate audit trails that will stand up in court.



Business Needs

Email archiving has previously been largely driven by the need to meet legislation, however, as email volumes have increased (with around 90% of business now transacted via email) businesses are now seeing the benefit of email archiving as a management tool.


Regularity Needs

Organisations face an ever growing set of regulations that have a direct impact on the use, management and control of emails. Regulations may be Industry specific or generic such as with the Data Protection and Human Rights Acts. Email storage and management is an effective way of protecting the interests of a business by reducing exposure to spurious claims or in supporting one’s own case.


Watching the Watcher

Audit trials are essential in order to comply with the Data Protection Act. In particular Principle 7 of the Act that requires a second level of authority and audit trails to watch over the activities of the data manager/controller.

Radius BlockMail Email Archiving implements three levels of users to ensure compliance plus the system administrator who has no access to emails:

  • Email User (Employee)
  • Privileged User can search the entire archive in an audited way – typically IT/HR/Legal
  • Data Guardian – watches over and can replay the activities of the Privileged user


SaaS/Cloud Offering

A hosted off-site Radius BlockMail Email Archiving, delivered as a fully managed service on “a pay as you go” model.






Key Features

  • Business Continuity Mode – Never be without email access
  • Ultra fast searches provides for instant access to any email
  • Combine searches aids in refining your searches
  • Auto filling saves the need to manually file an email in a folder ever again
  • Mail Client Integration access the archiving through your normal Outlook, Lotus Notes mail clients
  • Mobile Apps for iPad and Android
  • Role based access for enhanced security
  • e-Discovery interfaces for compliance, legal and HR search requests
  • PST Import: to import .pst files into Radius BlockMail Email Archiving and eliminate the need for pst’s
  • Single Sign On – Authenticates users against the Active Directory eliminating the need for a logon
  • Exchange Import – Import currently emails directly from the Exchange server to Archiving
  • Exchange Stubbing – Replaces attachment(s) in the Exchange store with secure link to the attachment


Key Factors

  • 90% of business decisions, commitments and financial documents are communicated by email
  • Companies by law are required to keep email for substantial periods of time
  • Emails are being used as evidence in courts and tribunals in:
    – Disciplinary proceedings
    – Harassment and discrimination cases
    – Criminal penalties for shredding emails
  • Tracing corporate data leakage


Radius BlockMail Email Archiving Benefits

  • Prove emails have not been tampered with
  • Ultra fast advanced search capabilities including proximity searches and sounds similar
  • Monitoring and ensure compliance with corporate email usage and legislation
  • Protect company IP
  • Quickly and accurately determine what email transactions and conversations have been made with customers and other third parties
  • 1 to 5 years support and maintenance SLA, including remote monitoring and intervention and advanced replacement service
  • Multi tenanted version available for hosting companies and service providers


Ancillary Benefits

  • Elimination of expensive and time consuming backup and DR
  • Reduce storage and enables performance gains for the organisation through:
    – Single instance storage
    – Compression
    – Stubbing
  • Support for any type of email server
  • Outlook integration


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