This morning, Eircom has experienced a major outage which has impacted all carriers nationwide.

Eircom manage inbound numbering nationwide and have experienced an issue which has impacted the network. Certain dialled numbers have resulted in an incorrect message or tone being played to callers.

Please note that we have been in active contact with the Eircom OLO desk about this issue. Other operators are also in contact with Eircom who are working speedily to resolve the issue ASAP.

We are fully aware of the issue and its impact on customers and will keep you updated on its resolution. We will update you in due course.



Officially we have no estimated time of fix from Eircom however we are seeing a rise in the number of inbound calls coming in successfully to our network.



Eircom says services are now stable after nationwide outage.In a statement, it said:

“The incident resulted in intermittent service that has impacted customers which use 1800 and 1500 numbers as well as some mobile numbers.”

The root cause of the incident is now being investigated.
The company apologised for any inconvenience caused to customers.



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