As smart phones become the new Electronic Wallet – access to your smart phone – allows access to all your bank accounts, in 1 easy place …

 Useful tips:

  • Turn off NFR on your smart phone
  • Never download and install smart phone apps from untrusted sources, they can damage your cards or worse
  • Protect your credit / debit cards in scan proof wallet
  • Check your banks account policy on cyber theft
  • Ensure secure Pin login or Finger print access to your smart phone

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Apple Pay

Whilst at this moment in time Apple Pay is not available to use with Irish based debit or credit cards, the visibility of the Apple Pay logo on the High Street is becoming more and more prevalent. Look at the security behind the Apple Pay system –


App development utilising NFC technology is strictly locked down by Apple so any developers looking to develop using the technology have to be part of the Apple core development team. As such iOS card-skimming applications are not available in the App Store.







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