McAfee to BlockMail Migration


McAfee Customers


As you are aware, Intel Security has announcing the official End of Life (EOL) for the McAfee SaaS Email Security Solutions family of products from January 11th 2016. You should note that there is no native upgrade path to alternative Intel security products. Even the hosted email security platforms from McAfee and Intel are completely incompatible.



Radius’ Solution


If you wish to move before this McAfee EOL deadline, let Radius do the hard work for you. Our Blockmail product is not just comparable to McAfee’s offering, consider it an upgrade. We provide a complete concierge service as standard. Let our team of experienced engineers migrate all your settings and configurations seamlessly.


‘How do I set it up?’


You’re just one phone call away from instant BlockMail protection. So why not give us a call on LoCall 1890 592500 and our team of engineers will begin the process. Alternatively, you can visit our Contact page to arrange a callback and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as we receive your request.


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