Latest Office 365 Phishing Scam


The chances are you have been asked to complete Two Factor Authentication (TFA/2FA) by a number of platforms such as Amazon, Gmail, WhatsApp etc. It is now widely recognised that TFA is the best way to secure your data and accounts online. The process involves authenticating your identity through a second channel, usually either via text message or email. And with more and more software apps implementing two-factor authentication for access to cloud applications including Office 365, it’s almost inevitable you will be using it in your business.

Cyber scammers are always on the leading edge of innovation. Their latest campaign involves sending emails to users asking them to complete the mandatory TFA set up in Office 365. The user is then brought to a fake Microsoft webpage where the user is asked to enter personal information like a password, mobile number, and a secondary email address (usually a personal email address). 

Once completed, the user has then provided their business login information to the scammer, essentially opening up your company for attack.


Example of a phishing email.
Example of a phishing email.

Please be advised that TFA is not switched on automatically for you by Microsoft. This is something that your Windows Admin or Radius has to do for you.

To keep your business network secure, we recommend the implementation of TFA sooner rather than later.

Contact us today on 0818 592 500 or email to schedule your TFA configuration for your business.

Did you know Radius also carries out Cybersecurity workshop training for your staff? More info here 



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