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Keeping Connected While Remote Working

There are many factors why a company or its employees might feel that remote working is a good option for them. It’s not rare in these times for an employee to spend at least one day a week working remotely be it at home or in a remote working hub, in fact, it’s 70% of workers globally.

Whether it be allowing for more flexible working hours for returning parents, environmental reasons, cutting down on a commute or an employee needs to relocate for personal reasons remote working has come into its own in 2019 and is a trend set to continue in the future of workplaces.

In 2019, The Southern Regional Assembly, which has responsibility for regional planning and the management of EU funded programmes & projects, engaged with Radius to consult on an IT infrastructure. We immediately saw a good fit for the Cloud. They wanted an infrastructure that incorporated better security, back-up of data, and mobility of the workforce. David Kelly, Director, states

“we are using the Radius Cloud for the last 10 months and I can safely say it has changed the way we work for the better. I travel frequently representing the Assembly. The Cloud enables me to log on to my desktop from anywhere, so when I’m travelling I have the same access to all my files and applications as if I was in the office”.

The cloud is a great solution for IT security and data protection as well as mobility. David adds “it’s a lot safer because our data is encrypted, stored and regularly backed-up to the cloud”. Closer to home, at Radius Technologies when our employee, Ehsan Ali,  told us he had to relocate to the UK for six months we were more than happy to keep him as a valued member of the team, working remotely. He now works as an IT Helpdesk Engineer from his home in England. Ali works alongside the team in Ireland as if he was sitting in the office beside them.

“Basically, I’ve got VPN access to the Cloud as well and most of our customers are in the Cloud. If they have any issues, I can straightaway jump on to server or PC’s of any of our clients, even if they are not on the Cloud, I can take remote access, which we do in the office anyway. There’s no question about security because the VPN traffic is encrypted,” explains Ehsan. Ehsan’s situation is becoming more common and with the skills shortage that the IT sector is continuing to endure remote working is definitely a viable option for companies looking to secure top talent which they are failing to find in their own backyard.

In a recent report on the future of workplaces, the ‘Fluid Workforce’ will be able to avail of local community-based work solutions be it in a co-working hub, HQ or worktel, where teams will gather to work incisively on particular projects.

No longer is the remote worker a product of a floating start-up or a global tech company, this demand is filtering into SMEs too. The fear of teams being disunited due to the lack of face-to-face interaction with their colleagues is now a problem of the past. The agile process is still alive and possible, despite the rise in remote working, due to advancements in Cloud telecoms and continuous access to the company’s network.

So, with all these technologies making remote working a viable option, what exactly do you need to implement them? Simply get in touch.

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