Goggins Transport Cloud Success Story

Moving to a Cloud-based server is peace of mind for any IT manager but as a company, it can mean a whole lot more. Remote working is becoming a necessity at times, not just an option, Goggins Transport made the seamless switch and, word is, they all sleep better at night.

Goggins Transport Limited is an Irish, family-run, freight company. The firm which celebrated 40 years in business in 2019 was started in Galway as a one-man show by Martin Goggins. Today it has grown to five depots across Galway, Dublin and Liverpool including a sales office in Wexford. “We have 40 trucks on this side of the water, 50 trucks in the UK and about 250 trailers that go over and back so it’s not small, but it’s not massive either”, says Director, Tommy Byrne. “We’ve been doing about 12,000 shipments a year.”

Goggins first employed the services of Radius Technologies when they were looking to improve their telecoms system and reduce spend on calls between all of their offices.

We were just really impressed with the customer service end of it more so than anything else

recalls Tommy. “They came in and said that they could do this – they said that it would save us X amount of money and that we would see no drop in quality and we could do things that we couldn’t do  previously, which is talk to people in Dublin (from the Wexford office) without making an outside call – they did exactly what they said they were going to do and we were just impressed from that point of view – we saved the money that they said we’d save and we got rid of three separate phone bills into one.”

When it came to a revamp of the IT systems and updating the Goggins server the quotes from IT solutions companies were proving difficult, cumbersome and seemed to have no continuity in pricing which was only making the decisions even harder. “We were finding, everybody we spoke to about it was making it so complicated. It was like we’re asking them to reinvent the wheel – the price just kept going on and on,” explains Tommy.

We were already working with Radius Technologies for our Telecoms and the account manager, Sean Dowling recommended we speak to Barry Sorensen on the IT team a

Goggins Transport Cloud Success Story

bout moving to the Cloud.  After a couple of meetings and a demo of the cloud-based server, everyone was singing for the same hymn sheet. “It just ticked all the boxes”, says Basil Long, Director of Menapia Software [sister company of Goggins], “it took away the need for having hardware on-site, we didn’t need two servers and we could see a way of shifting all that work away from us and freeing me up to do exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, which is developing the software applications to make the companies talk to each other even more smoothly”. There was an onsite assessment by Radius to get all our ducks in a row, to check nothing would go wrong when we went live with it, and we just went over on to the cloud. It was one of the smoothest changes I’ve ever been involved with. I’ve been involved in a lot of IT upgrades and major changeovers in companies and there are always problems, it’s just the nature of the game, there was no getting away from that but, to honest, with this I was completely blown away, it was literally almost seamless – it was very, very impressive.”


Goggins has been so impressed by their new system, managed by Radius, that they are also implementing it into their Liverpool office which has, until now, been working on a separate sever making more work for everyone, especially when it comes to the delivery dockets, which as you can imagine in a company that has makes 12,000 shipments a year, is a lot of paperwork. “They’re scanning them in the UK, with their system, then they’re physically shipping the paper across over here and they are getting scanned in here again – we’ll be able to eliminate all that because they’ll be going in on the one server,” explains Basil. “I’ll be able to write an application that would be able to take a digital copy of the scanned document against the UK side and match it to its equivalent on the Irish side and your job’s done. That’ll cut down an awful lot of work by bringing that into the cloud.”

Data security is a major issue for companies and with many breaches being highlighted in the news of recent times. It’s one of the main reasons companies look to the cloud for extra peace of mind.

“We’re doing about 250 import exports in a week, look at that over a month you’re talking over 1,000. If we were to lose the information on 1,000 jobs, there’s no going back and finding that, that could be curtains. I don’t even want to think about that,” says Basil.

Another thing that moving your server to the cloud allows you is the ability to work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Logging on to the company’s secure VPN you can access the server from anywhere at any time which allows for the workforce to move easily between offices or work from home, it’s also a must for those working out on the roads.

It’s transformed us really, like from our point of view if a storm comes and we all get snowed in, we all are set up on laptops – we can still run the business

says Tommy. If one of the guys goes homesick and I’ve to go into the main office and sit down, I just go in and log on under my name on their computer and it’s my own desktop, I’m not working off his email or his logins into the various different applications that we use – those are the main advantages for me anyway.”

“It’s given everyone a freedom and a sense of comfort in doing their jobs were like that they wouldn’t have had before – we are all sleeping a little better here,” says Basil.

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