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Conquer Remote Working with Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops

With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic and the corresponding rise in remote working, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for Cloud-based technologies from our clients. Central to this demand has been Virtual Desktops or Desktop as a Service (DaaS). The technology has been available for a number of years and ticks all the boxes in terms of increased efficiency, ease of access, data compliance and robust IT security. In this post, we examine the technology in more depth and show you how easy it is to access your desktop through an iPad.

Virtual Desktops Infrastructure (also known as VDI) provides your staff with a familiar Microsoft Windows 10 environment on a virtual desktop where they can easily and securely access all of their email, files, business-critical applications and storage.

Accessible from any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or phone; virtual desktops really do allow you to take your office with you everywhere. Ideal for modern workplaces where flexible working is the future. All that’s required is a WIFI and secure VPN connection.

From a user experience point of view, there is no major difference between a local desktop or a virtual desktop. The only difference is that the data is stored and accessed securely via the hosted environment. This means even the oldest device will benefit from fast cloud-based processing power and internet speed. Virtual Desktops are suitable for companies of any size. Our Virtual Desktops also come with regular data backing up so in the event of an outage you’ll lose no work and can pick up exactly where you left off.

At Radius, we make the process of setting up hosted desktops as simple as possible. Whether you’re looking to change your existing managed IT provider, or you’re looking to upgrade your current infrastructure for the first time, consult the experts. We’ve guided many businesses through digital transformation projects, from small businesses to international enterprises. Our expert team are certified and specially trained to help migrate existing infrastructure to the cloud.

Access your virtual desktop remotely on your iPad

Why choose a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Using enterprise-grade infrastructures in our Dublin-based ISO accredited data centres, a virtual hosted desktop service allows users to access everything they need within one familiar environment. They allow users to access all data, email and applications via any device. Users will require no training on how to use them as everything is packaged up in a Windows desktop that they’ve always used.

Virtual Desktops are a proven way to improve productivity with users able to resume their session exactly where they left off and also disconnect/shut down in seconds too. Say goodbye to the days of only being able to access workloads from the office – now users can take their desktop with them wherever they are!

They are also a really secure way of working with encrypted data transfer and security patches applied to all users at once – removing the reliance on individual users to perform updates. No data is stored locally on any device accessing a hosted desktop making them much more resilient against cyber-attacks than traditional desktops.

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ISO Quality and Information Security certification requires rigorous processes to be embedded at the heart of everything we do. Radius is proud to maintain this standard, awarded to only the very top tier of IT service providers.

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