Radius Telecom, a division of the national ICT company Radius Technologies, were commissioned by Carlow Credit Union to replace their telephone system with a Panasonic unified communication solution that is better suited to address the challenges faced in terms of communication in a modern Credit Union.

Although the Credit Union ethos is very much alive at Carlow CU, the regulatory and operational challenges have completely changed the landscape. Credit Unions are now required to self-audit in areas such as customer interaction and staff efficiency.

On consultation with Eugene Kearns CEO of Carlow Credit Union, Radius helped identify how best to use the technological leaps made in telephony to address these issues.

Carlow Credit Union

  1. Move to VOIP or SIP services

A lot of companies move to VOIP services primarily to make cost savings but the smart companies recognise the benefits beyond the immediate bottom line. Given the process of consolidation currently taking place across Irish Credit Unions, VOIP is perfectly positioned to allow the larger Credit Unions absorb the smaller rural Unions into their telecoms infrastructure structure. VOIP is non-geographic in its nature which means that the telephone lines for a service based in the county can be based in a service in the city with the rural branch only requiring broadband connection to receive and make calls. This means that despite rural branch opening hours being restricted by the availability of feasible human resources, calls can now be routed through to the city branch and answered giving the customers continuity of contact.

  1. Call Recording

PCI compliance has become a hot topic in financial services in recent years. With this in mind, Radius introduced a software-based call recording solution that allows Carlow Credit Union staff to search the call recording server from authorised PCs on their network. With this technology the staff at Carlow Credit Union can quickly access legacy conversations using the client’s phone number as the search criteria. The practical return for the business is a more efficient process when dealing with client disputes and a system that stands up to a PCI audit.

  1. Call Metrics

Radius introduced a call metrics software package that allows management at Carlow Credit Union identify the departments within the business that require more human resources to answer the phone. This is an area that more often than not is only assessed retrospectively by customer experience rather than pro-actively by the branch itself. The modern Credit Union like most businesses today is having to use its resources with a greater degree of accuracy. Moving some non-essential counter services to services offered over the phone requires an efficient call flow and full visibility of the performance of that call flow so that management can ensure the best customer service. This way customer inertia in this area can be fostered.

  1. Managed Telecoms

With greater functionality comes a need for greater levels of support. Radius has a full suite of support options but at Carlow Credit Union we have wrapped the solution in a bespoke support contract. The services covered in this contract are carrier management, unified billing, and remote and onsite technical support and installs. This option allows the Carlow Credit union get on with their business while having a singular point of contact for all things telecoms.

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