Patent Registered by Apple Hints at Payment via iMessage



A recently registered patent byApplePay via iMessage Apple in California confirm the company’s plans. Their long-vaunted intentions to become leaders in the mobile payment sector looks very serious and the company are definitely gearing up to take this to another level.

This latest patent will initially allow its users to send money to friends using the iMessage system with the natural assumption being they will be able to use other elements of the Applie iOS/OSX systems to make payments in future.

Peer-to-Peer money transfers are definitely the next logical step in the mobile payments journey and they look to have stolen-a-march on the field with this latest patent. 

As you can see from the image (above) from the patent filing, they envisage the payment being made via a Make Payment button on the standard iMessage screen. One assumes this will be delivered to the recipient’s account via the ApplePay process.

Whilst they won’t be the first to offer this form of payment (Facebook, SnapChat, etc. do offer similar services), the reports that they have been in talks with some of the world’s biggest banking institutions with a view to allowing transfers direct to and from bank accounts does make this a much more serious & permanent proposition.

ApplePay via iMessage

OK, Apple, like all other major technology companies, do register many patents each year with only a select few reaching the market. However, this does seem like one that will.

Cash just might be going out of fashion!



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