Another CyberCriminal has surfaced and this time is wearing the mask of the well known shopping site – Amazon.

The scam, like others, is in the form of an email sent to you from what looks like the reputable site. The email claims that you have recently ordered an item from the site and mimics a customer receipt email notification.

The types of products claiming to be ordered are a vintage chandelier, Stereos & luxury watches.

In order to get a shopper’s financial information, the email cleverly states that if the recipient didn’t authorised the transaction they can click on the help centre link to receive a full refund.

One shopper lost £750 after clicking on the link in what looks like an automatic customer email.

If you receive an email like this one, contact the company who has seemingly issued the email and delete it immediately.

The security team at Radius have some tips to ensure you don’t fall for the scam:

  1. Suspicious Links

Scam emailis will often contain links to a third party site that look legitimate but aren’t. In order to see the site you are being directed to hover over the link to ensure it is taking you to the correct place. If the link has been shortened by a URL shortner don’t risk it.


Software such as the Blockmail & Blended Threats module will protect you from this.


  1. Beware of Attachments

Don’t click on any attachments or prompts to install software on your computer.


  1. Typos or grammatical errors

An official email will not contain errors…..Rookie mistake!


  1. Anti Virus

Ensure that you have an anti virus installed on your computer to safeguard you from phishing attackers entering your PC. This will detect/ block unsafe websites & authenticate major banking & shopping sites.


  1. Check the sender email address

When you look at the email address of the person you have received the email from you will most likely notice that it is not an official email address eg.



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