5 Password Tips for Improved Cyber Security

Tech Update: 5 Password Tips for Improved Cyber Security

5 Password Tips for Improved Cyber Security

Do you want to want to make sure your IT systems are secure against cyber attacks? See how you can improve your cyber security with our Cyber Essentials Certification services.

With all the reports of hacking, data breaches, and ransomware, Radius Technologies wants to remind you, with these five useful password tips, of some of the easier but vital things you and your team can do to protect access to your data and avoid breaches in cyber security.

Your Password Policy should contain the following steps:


1. A strong password should include a minimum of twelve characters

The longer the password, the harder it is for a computer to guess. A strong password may contain one or more of the following: letters (upper and lower case); symbols (e.g., &, *, @, €, $, etc.); numbers (0 – 9); and punctuation (? “, !). Passwords should be reasonably easy for the user to remember but difficult for someone else to guess!


2. Passwords should not contain words or values known to be commonly-used

For example, users might be limited from using passwords used in previous breaches (company name, service provided); dictionary words; repetitive or sequential characters (e.g., ‘aaaaaa’, ‘1234abcd’); context-specific words, such as the name of the service, the username, or derivatives thereof.


3. Use passphrases not passwords.

Passphrases are like passwords but represent a sentence or sequence of words. They should include twenty characters or more and may also include symbols, numbers, and punctuation marks, e.g. “My favourite band is U2!” “I watch the news at 9.00 daily €”.


4. Don’t change passwords too often

This can actually reduce password security (for example, by increasing reliance on simple passwords or reusing passwords).


5. Change password if compromised

Users should be required to change their password or passphrase if there is evidence it has been compromised or revealed, or when there is some other change in risk.


Let us know if we can be of assistance in changing your password policy and setting an enforcement date for its implementation. Call our Helpdesk on 0818 592 500 to get started.

Golden Rule
To ensure passwords are safe:

  • Ensure the password is unique to each user
  • Password is not disclosed to others
  • Shared credentials aren’t used
  • Default passwords are deleted

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